Shungite is sometimes called 'The Stone of Life' 

due to its healing and antibacterial properties. 

A very rare and powerful stone thought to be about 2 billion years in age. 

It is a mineral hailed as containing a healing power which nothing else excels in comparison.

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About Shungite

The Stone of Life History

 In the early 1700's, Peter the Great of Russia had a palace built near a “magic” spring. It became known as the first Russian resort and was named “Martial Waters” after Mars, the God of War.  Today, the water at the Martial Resort continues to pass through the thick layers of Shungite.


Our Store

We offer a very wide range of Shungite products.  Shungite stones, Shungite pads and jewelry. 



Moringa Tree of Life

Organically grown Moringa Tree. Discover the benefits of  Moringa leaf powder, seeds and oil. 

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Structured Water and Air

Structured Water and Air product

Shungite is one of the materials in the flow forms of the Natural Action Technologies Dynamically Enhanced Water Structuring Units.

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Air Purifying Light Bulb

The next generation light bulb is here! 

An anti-bacterial and anti-mold and anti-allergen full spectrum

LED purifying light bulb.

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