Shungite Electrical Conductivity Tester


Electrical Conductivity of Shungite

Testing the Electrical Conductivity of Shungite

There are many black rocks on Earth. A unique property of Shungite is that it is electrically conductive.

One way to demonstrate that your 'shungite' is truly Shungite is to test its electrical conductivity.

Simply complete the circuit as shown in the picture above.  If the light bulb lights up, you know you have real Shungite.

Our Shungite is directly from the Zazhoginsky deposit in Karelia, Russia.  This mine is known to have the highest quality Shungite on the planet.

Electrical Conductivity Tester

Includes wires with clamps, light bulb and nine volt battery. 

Bonus: We will include a FREE Shungite Cell phone protector with every purchase.


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